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Quick Response codes, did you already realize, can be used by literally anyone in any industry these days. QR Codes bring information to those who wish for such information at the quickest possible rate and most importantly, it’s made available through a mobile device that almost always is attached to the owner of the device.

The potential of QR Codes should be utilized to its full potential by advertisers and companies trying to promote brand names. But that’s not where it ends. You see, journalists, in my personal opinion, can help make information more available by using QR Codes whenever they write an article or story. The QR Codes can be printed alongside the print story and whenever a mobile phone user scans the code with his or her mobile phone, they can be led to the background of the article, the person who created the article or story, or maybe leads to an interactive mobile website whereby interested readers can connect, provide feedback and communicate with the author of the printed article.

In this internet age, it’s crucial for journalists and reporters to bring readers real time information in an effort to beat bloggers to the game. As it is, there’s an influx of writers in the market and traditional print media is fast losing their edge to internet-based reports and websites. If there’s one thing that can make traditional print more exciting, it would be to allow the readers to participate in the argument or provide their feedback. You could ask something as simple as ‘Tell us what you think’ and then place a QR Code next to it. Mobile phone users will scan the QR Code and be led to a mobile webpage whereby they can provide their feedback for contention.

Now that so many people are on the internet, some contend that cyberspace have become utterly ridiculously noisy and crowded that some people are looking for ways to share their views on some issues without having to battle with privacy and online clutter.

Not only will it benefit people of all ages who like to read and gather information, imagine what it would do to education system and young learners when they find out that a world of information is literally in their hands? The world is changing and the way we find information and learn about things will change. It’s inevitable.

The intriguing thing is that, of course, QR Code is open-source, which means that anyone with the programming knowledge can alter the code itself to suit their own needs. So, advertisers can use them on billboards, teachers can hand them out during class, museums can place stickers on artifacts, musicians can place QR Codes on their album covers, authors can print them along with their books….it’s literally endless.

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  1. Karl Schweitzer May 31, 2009, 4:32 pm

    Aloha from Hawaii,

    How do I produce, where can I get produced QR codes that work with Japanese and Korean phone?
    Thank you. Karl

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