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Your phone may be able to read or decipher the codes hidden within the squares of the QR Code but your eye can’t. And when that happens, it is either mind-boggling or an eyesore. How do you prevent people from being turned off a QR Code? Simple. You pretty it up. 

We recently launched a brand new website called CustomQRCodes.com and they can help you come up with a ‘better-looking’ and more easily brandable QR Code. But in the meantime, here’s a little something to help you understand the concept of prettying up the codes. 

Add color to the code. One of the best ways to spruce things up with them is to add color. Red, orange, purple, bright blue…something a lot more exciting that black and white. Adding colors to the QR Codes will not change the workability of the code…but you need the midas touch of an expert to tamper with the codes without destroying the functionality. At the end of the day, we are aiming for workability, not design. Well, a balance is what we would be hoping for. 

Don’t be square. There is a good reason why people associate QR Codes with…well, geeks. They’re square! Jokes aside, there is something really geeky about the way they look. It’s square all over, it’s black and white. It’s everything unattractive. So, to add a splash of excitement to the code, you need to add a few curves. Softening the edges of the squares DO make a whole lot of difference to the way QR Codes look and an expert can most definitely help you change the squarish look without affecting the content within. 

Personalize it. Every code looks just about the same and there is a problem there. Consumers don’t know one from the other until they scan the QR Code. You can solve this problem by giving the QR Code its own personality, color and of course, your own picture, logo, company name, etc. The very moment a consumer look at the code, they know it is yours.

So, forget about boring QR Codes, come up with your very own personalized QR Code easily and affordably. Well, it is just one of those ways you can differentiate your QR Code with your competitors’. Yours will be way cooler. 


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