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Practical Communication With Londoners Over Construction Sites


It might be a norm for businesses to adopt the use of QR Codes to promote themselves but we are not sure how people are going to react to people randomly promoting themselves publicly via a huge QR Code printed on his or her shirt. It is probably alright if this person is seriously looking for more online buddies to chat and play games with but….one would consider the act of (shameless) self promotion not only overly narcissistic but also borders on being dangerous – we don’t really know who is lurking around the dark alleys that you are going to be walking past.

There are now plenty of companies and individuals who saw an opportunity of making a quick dollar here and there by offering to print QR Codes on shirts, jackets and other fancy apparel. Apparently, the code on the shirts will lead to a very special page created just for the wearer of the shirt which is touted to be sort of like an encyclopedia of yourself. Perfect for Youtube celebrity-wannabes, I suppose. The ‘special wikipedia-like’ page can also contain links to all your websites, blogs and online social networking accounts.

Promoting yourself, especially private and personal information about yourself online and on a mobile level is the type of promotion that can benefit you if you were a celebrity, public figure, doing something important, have something to say or have a product or business to promote. It could work as a cross-platform promotion.

In London, however, people are using QR Codes in a more practical way – informing and interacting with people who are curious or are troubled with construction going on in and around some neighborhoods. Each summer, it was reported that more one thousand and four hundred KMs of sidewalks undergo construction and maintenance. If, per chance, you use that way on an everyday basis and the construction is giving you a mild case of headache, scan the code to find out details about the construction. In fact, if I am not wrong to assume this, the authorities are also ready to take in complaints and explain some facts and figures with the general public.

The project was piloted by the city councilor for Ward 7, Matt Brown, who said that he was looking for a way to communicate with the people on internet on-the-go that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Brown noted that most Londoners owns a smartphone, knows about QR Codes and have used them. However, there is a big number of people who DON’T, so, he emphasized the importance of printing an email address and publicly displaying a telephone number for people who are not tech-savvy.

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