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It’s a fact that traditional greeting cards is fast growing out of fashion, if it’s not ALREADY out of fashion. It’s free and faster to send a greeting over email or over the internet these days that frankly speaking, hardly anyone ever receives a greeting card, a wish well card or a birthday card in the mailbox anymore. If this is what the general consumers are thinking, imagine what the corporate users are.

This is the kind of change that Avant Card, an Australian postcard maker is making and they’ve branched out to making promotional postcards incorporated with QR Code marketing. It is what I would term as another revolution in the QR Code technology. There’s a range of postcards with QR codes printed into the postcards but it’s not an all-round change that they’re making. Currently, the QR Codes are added to a special range of postcards within the region.

The way I see it, they’re trying to bring attention to their website. You see, when you get one of their promotional postcards with the QR Code printed on them, scan the code with your mobile phone and you’ll be instantly transported into the e-card section of their mobile website.

Worthy of mention, Avant Card remains to be one of the country’s largest free postcard companies. They have proof to show it too! Apparently, more than four million consumers, mostly from Australia and within the region, login to their website and make use of the free e-card and postcard sending services. On the corporate front, Avant Card offers a personalized service whereby companies or individuals can opt to send postcards pertaining to their promotional and marketing campaigns with simple clicks on their website.

If you’re wondering what QR Codes are, they’re actually a kind of code very similar to the kind of codes you would find on products you purchase from grocery stores or the supermarket. You take it to the counter and at checkout, the sales person scans the code with a special scanner and reads the information of the product. The price and info about the purchase is instantly detected and added to the total of your purchase. The QR Code is far more complex than that and can contain a multitude of information within it. Mobile phones with special QR Code scanners can scan the said QR Code and be led to mobile websites where detailed information can be read, downloaded, saved into the phone. Mobile phone users can also interact or provide comment right there and then on their mobile phones.

Avant Cards, on the other hand is an Australian-based free postcards service provider and producer who reaches in the urban consumer market. The postcards are unusually interesting, up-to-date with cutting edge design suitable for all types of advertisers and consumers.

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