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Postal Service Offering Discount For Using QR Code In Mails


It is a no brainer that the postal departments from all around the world are suffering from low volume of mails. Not only are people sending emails now, they are completely online on their mobile phones, utilizing instant messaging systems to stay in touch with their friends and family members. With such instant means of communicating with others virtually anywhere in the world, who would actually send mails these days?

That is right…business organizations and establishments, of course.

Despite the instant means of staying in touch with and reaching their target audience via emails, even the large corporations are having trouble keeping their mails from being piled into the SPAM box; hence, the continued need to make use of conventional post which stands a higher chance of being read.

The only way the postal services department can remain relevant in today’s world is to get in on the game by integrating technology in their systems. Representatives from the company announced that they are giving away discounts for those who had a QR Code on the envelope.

For those who are still unclear about what is and how to use a QR Code, in a nutshell, it is a bar code system introduced by the Japanese nearly a decade ago. Smartphone users do not need a specific scanner to scan the codes but users DO need to download a QR Code reader, which is completely free of charge. With the smartphone’s camera, the code can be scanned and depending on what the creator of the QR Code intended to do with it, the code could open up special messages, links, videos, download links from sites, create SMS messages, and also be used as a checking in tool.

Some of you might have seen these odd-looking square boxes in magazines, newspapers or even on the fresh orange juice carton box. The postal service hopes that by promoting their services this way, it would help effectively target advertisers and encourage more people to send mails instead of emails.

Said the agency’s vice president for domestic product, the integration is aimed at improving the long-term value of direct mail and he hopes that it also, at the same time, brings on increased returns for merchants who use direct mails instead of emails. The postal service recorded a whopping three million in losses for just the first three months of 2012.

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