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Portsmouth Police Department Utilizes QR Codes


In Portsmouth, the police are using QR codes to help disseminate information to the people.

The Police Department has put up QR codes on Market Square to help people learn more about motorcycle noise.  Another QR code at the public library encourages scanners to join the police force by giving out information about internship programs.

If you happen to be at the police station, you could learn more about historic police artifacts and the PD’s history by scanning a QR code posted on one of their cabinets.  The records office, on the other hand, has a QR code that gives more information on permits, office hours and even accident report filing instructions.

What’s surprising is that Lou Ferland, Portsmouth Police Chief, did not even know what QR codes where until recently.  Ferland got the cue from Peter Dite, who suggested a public relations campaign using QR codes.  

This is just the first step for the PD’s QR code campaigns.  They are going to solicit feedback through their social media accounts to see what type of information is going to be a hit with the people of Portsmouth, and where the next set of QR codes are going to be placed.

But that is not all.  There are also concerned citizens around Portsmouth that put up their own QR codes to help the police.  One of them is Ken Smith, a city councilor who owns a store in the area.

Smith’s QR code resolves to the Seacoast Crime Stoppers website, where scanners can get information about the crime of the week, and how to report crimes.  To make it more attractive for ordinary citizens to get involved, the QR code also tells them how much they are going to get as a reward for their tips.

Once again, QR codes are being used to help the police solve crimes, and get a better image with the public, as well as making vital information available to the public.  We have earlier reported about the efforts of the Vancouver police to capture criminals using a QR code, this takes that step further!


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