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Popular Hollywood Crime Series Catches On With QR Codes

This was merely speculation, of course, but this was what circulated over a popular CSI fan online forum and we’re just excited to catch on to it. In their recent November 12th show, the clue, the most important one, we might have to add, is related to how useful a QR code can be. The title of the edition is called ‘Dead Inside’ and if you’re a CSI AND QR Code fan, be sure to find it and watch it. Basically, in that edition, a man’s dead body was found in a Victorian House in Staten Island on the Upper East Side. His name is Kevin McCreedy and he’s a major force in the relocation industry.
When the body of McCreedy was being washed-up, cleaned-up, cut-up and ‘processed’ for evidence, they find that he had scratch marks on his arms. Apparently, the scratch marks were derived from some postcards that he had held earlier. His secretary claimed that she gave him the scratch marks when McCreedy stopped her from falling off some stairs.
Let’s rewind back to the postcards because on the postcards, there was a QR code in there and with the postcard with QR code on it, the investigators began their journey towards identifying the real murderer and how the murder was done. They had many suspects coming up based on the postcards with QR codes.
CSI is touted as one of Hollywood’s most amazingly innovative crime drama because of both the guarded characters, the surreptitious storyline, captivating technologically-advanced forensic tools that they use to solve each crime that lands on their tables.
This is good news for all of us who are waiting for the QR code fanatism to hit America because with just one installment and feature from CSI, a huge majority of America will be exposed to the amazing use of QR codes in our everyday lives.

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