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Placing Your QR Codes… Oops, Not There!


There are a lot of companies who rush into using QR codes for their marketing. We really cannot blame them! With all the benefits you get from this square pixilated code, who would not jump into the QR code bandwagon?

Because of this haste, we have seen a lot of companies commit mistakes that they could have avoided if they have just tested their QR codes. The most glaring ones involve the QR code placement.

On top of avoiding places where there is no mobile data connection or at least Wi-fi access,where are you supposed to put your QR codes? Well, here is a list of places that you SHOULD NOT use for your QR codes!

1. Too high or too low.

We have seen QR codes inside stores that were either placed too high or too low. Not only do these weird placements make it easy for your customers to overlook your codes, it would also make it more difficult for them to properly scan your codes. Bigger companies can get away with advertising their QR codes on billboards because you can basically scan it from afar.

Putting a QR code too low could also make it very uncomfortable to scan. How many of your customers would actually want to stoop low or bend over just to scan your code?

2. On buses and other moving objects.

QR codes are great for out-of-home marketing campaigns. But remember that your customers would need a steady hand and a few seconds to take a picture of your code and get the content you hid behind it. Putting your QR codes on the sides of buses, on top of taxis, or on t-shirts worn by your promotions team would be a headache to scan!

3. On highways.

Yikes! Not only do you have the motion problem we described in item 2, but you would be responsible for accidents caused by drivers who try to scan your QR codes. It is bad enough that some drivers use their mobile phones and talk while they drive, but can you imagine talking, driving and then scanning?

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