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Photos From The Lens Of An iPhone On Exhibition In Fort Lauderdale


His pictures was noticed by the Museum of Discovery and Science and the establishment have decided to set up an exhibition for his photographs. 

But of course, we are not merely talking about his pictures (which are jaw-dropping material, by the way). During the exhibition, below each photograph on display, there is a QR Code. 

The QR Codes under each of those pictures takes mobile phone users to online information about each of these locations and places. He says that his followers were often inspired and motivated by the pictures that he takes and some of them genuinely wanted to find out more about the stuff. Hence, the idea of placing a QR Code below the pictures. 

This way, if someone found a photograph interesting, they can scan the QR Code with their cell phone camera and get it INSTANTLY. 

So, is it working? Apparently, yes. Despite the technology being so new, it seems that people KNOW how to use them without too much trouble. Royston said that he was moved, every single day, by a new sunrise and is grateful that he was in a position to touch people’s hearts with the photographs that he takes. He believes that he is fortunate to be able to walk along such beautiful beaches every morning, every day and if it inspired others through technology, it was more than he could ask for. 

So, if you are in Fort Lauderdale and looking for something inspiring, head over to the museum and see it for yourself. And if you scanned the code, let us know what your reaction was and did it empower you or helped you in any way at all. Let us know. 


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