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Philantrophic Coca-Cola and Innovative JCPenney


The holiday season seems to be creeping up to many companies and brands now. Who can blame them? It happens every November, right? Anyway, this year is a little different from the past years because many (more) QR Code marketing campaigns were launched this year. This is great news because the year before, many of us were still speculating whether QR Code was a fad or is it going to stay. 

Based on what I have heard so far, many more people are saying that it is staying compared to the number of people who said the same thing last year. People are not swaying, if that is what you are thinking, but they have gotten more accustomed to the technology and of seeing them in ads. Last year, it was presumed that it was going to go. It has, more or less, become the ‘next big thing’. 

Suffice to say, marketers and consumers alike, are still learning about the possibilities and potential of the technology. They are no longer bedazzled and overwhelmed by it, and instead, are studying it. And while studying its effectiveness and value, why not do it during the holiday season when consumers are less wary and more willing to try new things and spend some money while at it?

Coca-Cola joined hands with the World Wildlife Fund and initiated a QR Code program that will last throughout the holiday season right up till March next year. It will feature the polar bear as a mascot…which is kind of cute since polar bears are adorable, anyway. So, expect to see more of the polar bear mascot if you are a Coca-Cola supporter. And when you scan the QR Code on your smartphone, you will be taken to a site where you can download a game and also make donations to the WWF organization in support of preserving wildlife habitats. 

And of course, that is not all there is to it. You can launch a QR Code program, or just about any kind of program these days, without involving Facebook and Twitter. So, yes, there is a Facebook page and Twitter account for the program too, to keep supporters informed about new developments. As one of the biggest brand names in the world, it is of no surprise that they have generated more than thirty-seven million likes on their Facebook page and also close to half a million followers on Twitter. 

Coca-Cola is not the only company who is into the QR Code thing, so’s JCPenny. If you buy something from the chain of stores, you get the chance to attach a voice message via a QR Code on the gift. Interesting concept, I would have to say. If you have tried out this ‘voice message gift message’ thing, please post your comment here and share your experience with our readers. 


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