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Philadelphia International Airport Helps Artists Via QR Codes


The use of quick response codes is not only rapidly growing in the big world of retail and within the context of marketing. It is also becoming more and more popular in the art industry. We have reported on a number of instances when these two-dimensional matrix barcodes were used to enhance people’s experience when viewing various works of art.

In yet another art-related QR code news, the Philadelphia International Airport is using quick response codes to accompany the various art installations in its building. For years, the airport has been housing famous artworks from the likes of Anne Schaefer, Colette Fu, Victor Perez, Arden Bendler Browning, and Mary Smull. These works of art are publicly displayed and are open for viewing by travelers.

However, the airport finds that displaying various artists’ works is not enough. It believes that putting up QR codes to accompany each artwork would help travelers see and experience the pieces in a new and different way.

More specifically, each of the codes will direct travelers to additional information on a certain artist whose works are being showcased. Scanners will also be able to share this information with their friends and contacts in social media sites. As such, the airport believes that these QR codes will not only help artists gain a good level of exposure, but the codes will also help them connect with their fans or with other people who appreciate art.

The airport started putting up the QR codes on artworks displayed throughout its premises this month. These QR codes can be scanned using a mobile phone equipped with any kind of QR code reader app.

Philadelphia International Airport also has plans of expanding its use of QR codes in the future or in utilizing them for purposes other than art. However, this will depend on how travelers respond to the current art-related QR codes.

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