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Personalize Your Greetings with a QR Code


How old do you have to be in order to use and create QR codes?

Well apparently, there is no age limit. Kids who know how to operate a smartphone and a computer can certainly create a QR code.

This is what the first graders at the LaRue Miller Elementary School showed us when they created Mother’s Day cards with QR codes inside them.

For a mom, a card that is hand-made by their children is probably enough to make her smile on that very special day. But beyond crayons, and sweet messages, these cards also came with their kids’ photo and a QR code.

They can scan the QR code and hear their child’s voices as they read the greetings on their cards. What a lovely idea!

And guess what, cards with QR codes are not only for Mother’s Day. A few years ago, BeQRious has outlined how you could send out an extra special Christmas greeting using QR codes. The QR codes you place on Christmas cards could contain a video or audio recording, or it could take them to your special holiday Web site.

QR codes make factory-made greeting cards a lot less impersonal. These days, you can just send a store-bought card, write the recipient’s name on it and send. But if you take time to come up with a QR code and record a personal greeting, it is just like being there when the person gets your card. They can hear your voice, or see your photos and videos.

The idea could also be applied to gift tags. JC Penney has used QR codes placed on their gift tags that allowed their customers to easily a record a personal greeting. They only need to scan the QR code and they will be prompted to record a voice greeting. Their recipients will scan the same QR code to hear it.

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