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Pendant For A Lost Child


Since QR Codes can contain much more information (apart from just links to mobile websites), the uses of QR Codes is virtually limitless. Seen in this case, Japanese have creative a way to help lost children too….or at least, help strangers identify kids sauntering around (or crying) in malls.

In Japan, QR Codes are used virtually everywhere, hence, they’ve come up with pendants that they can make their kids wear whenever they go out. It’s helpful, we’ll admit, when the child is too young to speak, remember phone numbers or is too panicky to offer useful information when they’re lost in a crowded mall. Let’s say you find a lost child and this child is unable to tell you decent information about his or her parents, and if the information counter is too booked up at the moment, find the pendant on the child.

The pendant would have a QR Code on it and you can literally embed all kinds of information into it. For instance, you can embed mobile phone number so that strangers can contact the parents instantly. You can list the names of parents, home address or responsible alternative adult names and contact information in there. Therefore, when the kid is lost, strangers would know how to return the child.

It is questionable, however, how the lost child could be in the state of mind to get strangers to scan the QR Code especially if the stranger does not know that they are wearing a pendant of that sort. It’s safe to say that not a lot of parents are ‘tagging’ their kids way yet, even in Japan.

The idea is there, however, but we seriously think printing the codes on a few dozen t-shirts and fore-going kid’s fashion is the way to go. At the very least, the QR Code would be very visible. Considering the fact that the said pendant (refer to video) weighs only 10 grams, it’s small and most likely not very visible.

Using the pendant on older children, between the ages 2 to 5, would be more feasible.

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