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Paypal Set To Go International, Using Netherlands As Testing Ground


When one of the tech writers whom we follow wrote ‘shopping will change in the next three years more than it has changed in the past twenty years’, I can’t agree more! With internet exploding, e-commerce taking off even better than we have ever expected it, smartphone being owned by almost all medium income families and teenagers, and QR Codes being snapped up like hot cakes out of the oven, how can things not change at a pace that could possibly change the retail outlet shopping landscape. It already has if you look at things more progressive countries.

Paypal which remains to be one of the world’s largest online payment processing platform today, has chosen to take on the more conventional malls, retail outlets and businesses. Paypal has announced its ‘Shop and Pay on the Go’ services to anyone, any business and any organization who wishes to accept online mobile payments in their stores and they are starting with Netherlands.

Techies will know the service as the ‘window shopping 2.0′ services which allows consumers to shop without putting a single foot into the store. If they see something posted on a window, poster, billboard, signage, magazine, newspaper, etc and want to buy it right there and then, they can. You can even shop for stuff in your car while stuck in traffic.

We know Koreans are doing it and Japan’s been doing this for many years now…mobile shopping, that is. Netherlands is pretty OK on that front too and the USA is picking up, for sure, and London’s game for it too. A couple of months back, Singapore had posters and billboards placed in their subway stations so that people can shop while they are waiting for their rides and Amsterdam’s De 9 Streetjes also picked up the trend quickly.

However, when you think about it on a deeper level, one would wonder, especially if one is unfamiliar with the whole smartphone, internet, Paypal thing, how it would affect the general consumers? How would it change the way we shop?

Dramatically. For example, would it make a difference if I said that this could mean that you can skip the queue during checkout? Would it mean anything if we said that you could use the internet to order something on your phone or when you are still in a meeting and then pick it up in the store on your way home? You can even order and pay for your meals while picking your kids up and then have it sent to your home. In fact, many insiders are already saying that while they can already see that everything is in perfect motion, this is not the end station. This is not IT. This is merely the first baby step into a huge convergent world of Paypal internationally.

Netherlands is a testing ground for now, they assure us, because there is so much more coming in the very near future and we can expect more phenomenal things soon.

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