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Paypal Bridges The Online And Offline Commerce Divide


People are on the move, on the go, and they want to buy things that way too. With the advent of smartphones and QR Codes, the inevitable has happened.

Just imagine that you are stuck in a terrible jam during rush hour and you see an advertisement on the body of a bus. It looks interesting and would like to see if you can get it right there while you are sitting in a jam that just isn’t moving. To the bottom of the advertisement, you see a QR Code and scan it which will lead you to a mobile site telling you more about the product that has snatched your interest. It would be amazing if you can just order and pay for the product right there and then in a traffic jam, or while you are waiting for your turn at the bank or when you are caught in a supermarket queue.

Paypal executives are convinced that it is completely possible and this could become a prime way for people, especially the younger generation and the tech-savvy people of today, shop for their favorite things. South East Asia’s MD, Elias Ghanem, happens to think that this is fast becoming the norm in India and many parts in Asia.

In Malaysia alone, nearly six hundred and fifty thousand people made purchases on their smartphones in 2011 and most of these purchases were made either when they are on the move or relaxing at home. The people spent RM494 (USD155) on average purchasing stuff on their mobile phones and RM464 (USD145) on their tablets. Paypal also found that many people make purchases on their smartphones while waiting for their food to arrive in restaurants too.

Ghenam said that this trend is not just apparently popular in India and Malaysia, it is a huge deal in other countries like Korea, Japan and Hong Kong where people would not hesitate to pull out their smartphones to scan a QR Code to buy movie tickets, download music, order their favorite fashion item or clothing, books, airline tickets and family-related products.

The company’s representative also said that QR Code technology enabled 24/7 shopping that is blurring the online and offline commerce scene. Suffice to pay, what makes people feel apprehensive about completing the purchase process is when there isn’t a secure checkout system or when people aren’t sure about the integrity of the company. Paypal solves that problem by being the bridge between the consumer and business owner; providing businesses with a reliable and safe checkout method and consumers can have the peace of mind of not having to reveal their personal details every single time they wish to purchase something.

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