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Paying With Your Mobile Phone Possible


Not surprisingly, not a lot of people know that they can make payments with their mobile phones. That is because:

1. There is no awareness
2. Security Issues

Awareness, as with everything else in the offline world, is slow to gain momentum but once more people are aware of it, the word spreads like wild fire – which is pretty much how QR Code became so big now compared to how people were trying to push the idea through to mobile phone users many years ago…and failed.

Security-wise, people in the mobile IT sector are doing everything that they can to improve on the security of mobile payments via QR Codes. This is tricky business, I have to say, because there is a very thin line between convenience and security. By making it too easy to use for mobile phone users, you lose out on security – but we will leave it to the QR Code experts to iron that out.

Anyway, we heard from the grapevine that Google introduced a new extension for Chrome web browser. It seems that now, whenever you use Chrome and is buying something with Google checkout payment method, you can create a QR Code right there from the browser, point your phone camera at the QR Code, scan it and make the payment almost instantly.

Sounds like the perfect solution for someone who hates crowds, traffic and prefer to shop as and when he or she wants.

The QR Code will give the phone enough payment information to authorize the payment through an Android phone and while this payment method is not yet perfected, we say that it is a good stepping stone to future developments relating to mobile payments.

Creation, innovation and leaps of faith like this often inspires future improvements which will, in turn, improve the lives of modern people.

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