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Paying The Water Bill Just Became Easier For Residents Of Winter Springs


Paying bills is painful affair. We all know that. But the residents of Winter Springs just have it a little easier now that a new QR Code payment system has been launched. It was reported earlier that the city’s authorities have come up with a way to make paying the water bills much easier and on the move. 

The water bill for these residents will come with a special, customized QR Code that will bring them directly to the right website, all logged into the right account with the right amount recorded. So, the process is essentially shortened to a mere few minutes of typing in the account holder’s payment details and authorization code, perhaps. In the nutshell, the QR Code decodes the entire bill and automatically completes some of the details for the account holder. FAB!

For those of you who do not know what a QR Code is – let’s just say that it is a more powerful, sophisticated, and user-friendly version of the 2D barcode system that we have on packaging today. With QR Code, you do not need a specific (and expensive) scanner to scan the code. All you need is a smartphone, i.e. iPhone, Blackberry, Android or other smartphone brands, and also a QR Code reader that you can easily locate online and download and install for free. And for your information, creation of QR Code is also free of charge

I am anticipating this to be THE WAY to make payment for not only water bills but also other utility bills such as electricity and telephone bills as well. We could very well be talking about paying for your clothes, coffee, groceries or maybe your DVDs too. The list of possibilities is endless. And perhaps that is why advertising agencies and marketing consultants are busily trying to get their clients to ‘hop over’ since the idea of using a QR Code is still at the ‘novel idea’ stage. 

The water department of Winter Spring, they said that there was a significant number of people who were receptive of the idea and found many users using the system to pay their bills. I guess their goal of making bill-paying less painful for the residents is a success and a hit as well! Especially when it means saving residents the trip to the city hall to pay the water bill. 


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