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Passion Pit’s QR Code Campaign


If you have never heard of the band called Passion Pit, don’t worry, neither have we…until now, that is. We heard from the grapevine that they are releasing a new album called ‘Manners’ and are intending to promote that new full-length album via a series of QR Code marketing strategies. Of course, the idea was not from the band members themselves. It was actually the idea of a site called We Love Mobile.

The company is dedicated to mobile advertising and aims to promote multiple brands and services via their mobile marketing strategies. One of their clients is a recording label called World Circuit Records which is a highly successful and ambitious recording label. Initially, the recording label relied heavily on live events, press releases and also word of mouth until they discovered the power of mobile advertising. In fact, mobile advertising is just as powerful, if not more, as word of mouth and it gets around much faster because people do not have to be face to face in order for word to spread.

And during events, on a large scale festival, it proved to be difficult connecting with the audience at the same time. For instance, during a live show, the entertainers would be right there on stage but everyone at the same time is impossible. Now, what if there was a QR Code that users can use to log onto a LIVE website. They can place comments, ask questions, make suggestions, make requests right there and someone would be there to answer them on the mobile website.

All of this means that the entertainers and the organizers will be hearing exactly what the audience is thinking and can directly address them on stage or after the event. If this is what they are doing, then it is ingenious. We are not sure if this is what’s been planned to do with the live shows for Passion Pit but it is a brilliant concept. Let’s face it, how many of us have attended a live show or a concert wishing that the singer or entertainers could hear exactly what we are saying or thinking? If given the chance to log onto a mobile site in that instant, would you not take the opportunity to convey your thoughts to the organizers or the singer him or herself?

Anyway, for Passion Pit, the band’s latest album will be featuring a QR Code on posters, advertising materials, flyers and coasters. I think what they are doing is going to be more streamlined as in they are going to be offering download opportunities for their songs and a price-slashing voucher for the said album. For more information about the band and their music, head on over to their MySpace page here.

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