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Parking Fee Payment Made Easy With QR Code


In some countries, parking meters are not always strategically located. In fact, there are so few parking meters available at parking lots that some people prefer to take the risk of being slapped with a parking fine for not paying the fee. In some countries, paying for parking is much easier whereby road users can send SMS for reminders and also telephone numbers they can call to make a payment instantly.

In the same vein, we got news about a brand new 2 dimensional way of paying the parking fee – using QR Codes, of course. Parkmobile is not a new company but they have just added this brand new way of paying for parking recently.

What the company has done is to place stickers of QR Codes on parking meters which will then take them to a payment and verification website. I reckon that by using this payment method, it also eliminates the need to get exact change too. It was said in the release that the QR Code stickers can soon be seen in most large American cities. So, basically, this is how it works.

You find a parking spot, go to the meter, whip out your smart phone, load your QR Code reader, scan the code, pay the parking fee on the smartphone and…yup, the end. The Parkmobile app allows American drivers to pay the fee by dialing a toll free number. The driver basically tells the company the number plate of the car and the parking zone number to confirm the parking fee that the driver needs to pay and once that is confirmed, the payment is then completed effortlessly.

I think the reminder app is really cool because not only do we have to contend with having enough loose change for the parking fee, we can get reminders on the smartphone and pay for it without running off an important meeting just to the meter to feed the meter. We can hear the sigh of relief coming from harried office workers and housewives with kids in tow. This app truly saves people a whole lot of time, energy and trouble.

The app is user-friendly and makes registration and usage much easier than before. In fact, when they load the app, using the GPS system, the system will tell you where the nearest Parkmobile meters are.

What Parkmobile has effectively done is to turn the conventional parking meter into one single QR Code. If that isn’t awesome, I don’t know what is.

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