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Paperless Boarding Pass Nothing New To Lufthansa


Most airlines have started to explore the idea of introducing the option of using a paperless boarding pass but in the USA, the flights are mostly local flights and restricted to area and airline. Lufthansa, so far, is one of the most aggressive introducers of QR Code. It recently launched it’s mobile boarding pass option for flights between Frankfurt and Vancouver. I am honestly excited to see this because this is the first of its kind and it’s a long haul flight. As far as I know and can see, Lufthansa is the first airline to ever offer a mobile phone 2d barcode boarding pass option to its customers. 

The customer is given the option of logging into their account via the Lufthansa website for a ticket. The website will then send the e-ticket to the mobile phone, rendering printed ticket unnecessary. This is just the first baby step taken and the company intends to introduce the same to other overseas long haul flights. 

I was caught quite unawares when someone told me that Lufthansa introduced the paperless boarding pass system approximately a year ago to all of their domestic flights. That’s way ahead of many other developed countries, as far as I know. In fact, during that time, they also introduced the 2d barcode boarding pass concept to customers who took on their Europe flights. 

Is it receptive? Are people actually catching on to this new way of boarding a flight? Well, we’re not surprised with the figures that officials gave because they said nearly seventy-five-thousand people used the 2d barcode boarding pass every single MONTH. 

Boarding a flight using 2d barcode tickets is not only faster and more convenient, it’s also more environmentally-friendly. Imagine how much paper the airline has probably saved by introducing the 2d barcode boarding format…this should set the standard for future endeavors by other airlines. 

For those who are interested to know about this, visit their website by logging into www.lufthansa.com. In short, here’s what’s contained within the 2d barcode. It contains the customer’s name, flight number, time of departure and arrival and also all personal information relating to security checks. At the gate, checks would all be done through the security’s scanner and the passenger’s mobile phone.

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