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Paintball, QR Code Style


Not only is QR Code technology extremely useful for businesses and advertisers, it is also rather fun to play around with. It came to our attention that a bunch of QRious college students were having a lot of fun with their blackberries and QR Codes. You see, this is what they did for fun. First, each got their own QR Code done and then they set out to print the QR Code on t-shirts.

One fine afternoon, wearing their own QR Code t-shirt, they headed out to play a game of paintball….QR Code style.

They set out hiding from each other with their QR Code readers ready to…well, read. In a conventional game of paintball, what happens is that you are out if someone hits you with a paintball. In this game, you are out when another person scans the QR Code on your shirt. Since the QR Code is printed rather big on the shirt, you can scan it from quite a distance and you can’t cheat because you need to be within a predetermined vicinity. There is no inching your way out of the said warzone, the same way it works for a paintball game. The referee?

Easy. When your QR Code is scanned, you will get a text message on your phone informing you that you have been ‘shot’. Being a casualty, you will be removed from the game and then served beef salad and a ice cold drink at the casualty area. We’re kidding but it sounds like a wonderful idea.

Anyway, to get your own QR Code paintball game started, here’s what you need to do. Create a QR Code of your own over here and print them out large on a t-shirt, front and back. Everyone whips out their smart phones with the QR Code reader ready to scan. Within the predetermined area, everyone runs for hiding. Have a nice little area you can probably call ‘base’ and that will be where those who are ‘shot’ out of the game can stand while waiting for the last man standing to emerge.

This game is innovative and fun at the same time and what makes it even more wonderful is that it can be played at regular intervals all day long without needing extra apparatus. Once you have the QR Code t-shirt, it can be played every day too if that was your wish.

Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get the game going!

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