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  • Custom QR Code

    Custom QR Code

    Vector QR Code, Raster Qr Code

    QR codes are the biggest thing in marketing today, not just for the brands but for the consumers. QR codes make it easy to bridge online information accessed from the offline world through the use of smartphones and other mobile devices.

    We provide custom qr codes that really work!

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  • QR Code Tracking

    QR Code Tracking

    Personal and Corporate Accounts.

    BeQrioustracker.com creates custom packages for individuals, small to mid sized businesses, large companies, 3rd party representatives and ad agencies. Our pricing packages are tailored to fit specific needs and clients accordingly.

    We work on a ‘needs-analysis’ basis to cater every level of spending. Based on individual pricing structures, we will work with our clients to fit every budget.

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  • QR Code Campaign

    QR Code Campaign

    Comprehensive QR Code Campaign Solution

    QR codes is an awesome mobile marketing tool, and are now popping up literally everywhere! They can be easily launched into your marketing activities to bring your online content to a mobile audience in real time!

    Start using QR Codes in your next online marketing campaign.

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  • QR Code Mobile Application

    Mobile Applications

    iPhone, Andoid, jQuery Mobile

    We build mobile apps for iOS and Android. We build small utility apps, rich video, game apps and lots of things in between.

    We provide high-quality, highly functional and useful apps for you. Our work involves designing the concept of your apps, planning its features, and then developing it right.

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QR Code News

Google Releases New Wallet App


When Google first came out with its Google Wallet mobile app, it was such that you could only transact using near-field communication. It has since undergone a lot of changes, including moving user information onto the cloud to make it much more secure. Two years after its release, however, Google Wallet is still not living […]

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QR Codes and SEO


As with any site owner, you should be very interested as to whether QR codes help your search rankings or not. Therefore, we decided to look at whether QR codes help your SEO. Or does a QR code hurt your search rankings? We ask this question because we have recently come across an idea: Are […]

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No NFC? And Other Disappointments with the New iPhone 5S and 5C


After Apple announced the new iPhone 5S and its cheapskate sister iPhone 5C last week, the world has been abuzz. For one, the announcement introduced the world’s first gold iPhone and an alternative for those people who have been dreaming of owning an iPhone but cannot really afford one. However, the new iPhones did come […]

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Wholesum Harvest Uses Customized QR Codes


Everyone of us wants to make healthy food decisions. This is especially true now that we are more aware what unhealthy food can do to our bodies. We have seen a lot of food companies that are using QR codes to help their consumers get more information to make informed decisions about the food that […]

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Media Markt Uses QR Codes and NFC for Shopping Wall


Media Markt, an electronics seller in Russia, is currently trying out virtual stores that they have put up at a subway station in Moscow. The test run will continue until November. The shopping walls would be using both NFC and QR codes. Moscow Metro’s Vystavochnaya station will have posters that look like shelves found at […]

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