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  • Custom QR Code

    Custom QR Code

    Vector QR Code, Raster Qr Code

    QR codes are the biggest thing in marketing today, not just for the brands but for the consumers. QR codes make it easy to bridge online information accessed from the offline world through the use of smartphones and other mobile devices.

    We provide custom qr codes that really work!

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  • QR Code Tracking

    QR Code Tracking

    Personal and Corporate Accounts.

    BeQrioustracker.com creates custom packages for individuals, small to mid sized businesses, large companies, 3rd party representatives and ad agencies. Our pricing packages are tailored to fit specific needs and clients accordingly.

    We work on a ‘needs-analysis’ basis to cater every level of spending. Based on individual pricing structures, we will work with our clients to fit every budget.

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  • QR Code Campaign

    QR Code Campaign

    Comprehensive QR Code Campaign Solution

    QR codes is an awesome mobile marketing tool, and are now popping up literally everywhere! They can be easily launched into your marketing activities to bring your online content to a mobile audience in real time!

    Start using QR Codes in your next online marketing campaign.

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  • QR Code Mobile Application

    Mobile Applications

    iPhone, Andoid, jQuery Mobile

    We build mobile apps for iOS and Android. We build small utility apps, rich video, game apps and lots of things in between.

    We provide high-quality, highly functional and useful apps for you. Our work involves designing the concept of your apps, planning its features, and then developing it right.

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QR Code News

Why QR Code Set To Be The New Internet


QRme.co.uk is done with beta testing for their new QR code management system and this time round, we have a feeling that it would be launched any time soon. The new system enables mobile phone users to conglomerate their QR codes together and allows it to be grouped together for better management and searching.

The reason why we highlight this is to let our readers know how important QR Code has become and how it will change the future of mobile phone users and perhaps even the way most of us live our lives, find information, advertise and market our products, services or brands. Soon, there will be criss-crossing methods involving the internet and mobile phones through QR Codes and this is where the personal computer or even lap tops is rendered secondary to the mobile phone.

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Hand-Knitted QR Code From Lendorff Kaywa


For those who are unaware, the QR Code frenzy has not only hit the clothing and apparel printing industry, it’s also hit the knitting and fashion design industry! Imagine yourself wearing a hand-knitted scarf with your very own QR code on it. Knitting is a process that takes weeks (a few weeks if you forego sleeping and eating) to complete but because a knitted apparel like a scarf or gloves is an extremely personal thing, it makes sense to personalize it further with your very own QR Code!

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Creative Ways To Use QR Codes In Your Life


The Japanese have long been using QR Codes on just about anything…perishable goods included. There are many ways to creatively use QR Code in your life…whether to publicize yourself or to personalize something. For instance, a birthday cake. You could bake a cake for someone special because it is his or her birthday, set up a blog or website for the occasion and then decorate the QR Code into the cake itself. On the birthday, people who scan the QR code with their iPhones or scan-enabled mobile phones can get access to the information that you have plugged into the blog or website.

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T-Shirt Printing With QR Code For Facebook Accounts

There’s a problem with Facebook that many of us have been ignoring all this while. Now, imagine if you’ve just met a new friend and ask him or her if he or she has a Facebook account and when that person answers ‘Yes’, you’d have a problem. How do you lead that person to your Facebook profile when it does not appear as a ‘proper’ URL per se? As it turns out, each person’s Facebook profile URL comes out as a string of numbers and words that makes no sense. Therefore, what you’d have to do is to ask the new friend to go to Facebook and make a search for your profile page. Or if you have a mutual friend, you could ask that new friend to find you under the mutual friend’s friends list. Or if you have a website/blog and you’ve placed your Facebook profile badge in it, you would have to give the new friend your website or blog URL so that they can add you up as a friend from there.

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Kia Goes Mobile During L.A. Show

This should be something worth noting for those who are following the fast and furious development of the QR Code technology. Kia’s American arm, Kia Motors America (KMA), in November, launched into an industry that they’re not previously known for…mobile phone and QR Code technology. Together with David & Goliath and Usablenet, they’ve launched Kia Soul Mobile. The name of the mobile phone does not seem like much of a surprise since it capitalizes on the country of origin for Kia which is South Korea with its heart in Seoul. This new product campaign was recently launched late November 2008 so, it’s still fresh out of the oven.

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