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Over The Roof QR Code Advertising


When it comes down to visibility, no one can really deny the fact in today’s competitive world, it is absolutely crucial to get in on Google. That is search engine stuff, I know, but how do we do it when we want to link reality to the search engine via cell phones? We use the satellite and Google Earth and Google Maps, of course!

Some really creative people has found a way to place QR Codes on top of buildings so that when Google Earth’s engine comes a-scanning, they will catch the QR Code when they load Google Earth or Google Maps and see pictures of the QR Code on the building snapped via the satellites. Google is the most ‘traveled’ site on the internet these days and there is no wonder people out there are trying their level best to go head towards location-based advertising. 

It is an amazing idea, really. Just a point to ponder….if someone told me this 10 years ago, that anyone can see anything located on the other side of the planet, scan it on my phone and get instant information about the company or person, I would, doubtlessly, think that the person has gone utterly crazy. 

But here we are. 

The campaign was done by a public relations company based in Austin, TX called Phillips and Company and San Francisco Business Times was the paper that picked up the news. The QR Code is humongous so we are sure the Google Maps and Google Earth engine can easily pick it up. They use a very specific technique and program to place the QR Code ‘advertisement’ on top of the building. Needless to say, with the ad being so huge, the effort of putting the QR Code there is no mean feat and would require technology so advanced that it would make our heads hurt just from thinking about it. 

It was said that the fee for such a service starts at $8,500. It may look and sound like a hefty price to pay for advertising but think about it, this is going to be permanent and as far as Google technology is concerned, we are pretty sure it is here to stay too. And it will grow exponentially over the many decades to come. So, having a QR Code embedded onto the top of a building is like an advertisement that you pay for once, and enjoy for the rest of your company’s lifespan. 

People are getting more and more receptive about the idea of plugging a QR Code on marketing material. Are you one of them? Feel free to let us know how you have been using the technology and how it all worked out.  


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