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Outsourcing Your App Development


As part of your marketing and promotions, you stumble upon a great idea to market your services:  create an app that would help you strengthen your brand and keep you at the top of your customers minds.

As with any other buy or rent decisions, you may want to consider letting third-party app developers create your apps for you.

Why It Makes Sense to Let Other People Create Your App for You

1. You get to save money.  There are a lot of costs that you must pay for when you develop your own app.  An app developer or programmer, for example, would easily cost you a lot of money.  If you plan to create an iPhone, iPad or any iOS app, you must also register to become an Apple iPhone Developer Program member.  The basic edition of this costs $99.

The costs increase if you want a multi-platform app, or one that would work on iOS, Android, and other proprietary operating systems.  

Further, you must also have test devices handy.  So that means that if you still don’t have them, you have to buy an iPhone, iPad, Android devices and others!

2. You get to save time.  Even if you were going to do the programming yourself, you will still be better off using an outsourced app developer to save time.  App development involves a serious time investment.  Even a simple app can take a lot of time to create and develop.  

This also becomes a problem if you want your app to be truly useful and packed with features.  From conceptualizing to programming and coding, to testing, it all eats up too much of your time.

Outsource your apps development and free up your time to focus on things that really matter.

3. You get the knowledge and the expertise when you outsource the experts.  Getting a third party app developer means that you are hiring their expertise even those not related to programming.  You could get tips on how to better program your apps, or how to market it.  These companies already have the tools and the technology to create your apps.

Also, established app developers also know what’s allowed and what’s not on different platforms.  Would your app thrive on Facebook?  Or are you in potential violation of Facebook rules by publishing your apps there.  You don’t have to worry about these if you hook up with a reputable app developer who already knows the ins and outs and the rules of the different platforms you want to use!

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