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Orée Board Offers A Completely Warm Experience


For those who type a lot and work with their computers or laptops a lot throughout the day will agree with me when I say that the keyboard is an extremely personal item on the computer. It is what we touch the most and I am sure you can attest to the fact that you will need some time to adjust to a new keyboard when you change it or is using another person’s computer to do your work. If the keys are not aligned exactly the same way, if the ‘escape’, ‘back’, ‘home’, ‘number’ keys, ‘pg up’ and ‘pg dn’ buttons are not exactly where you are used to, there is going to be a lot of ‘backspace’ use…and that too is considering the fact that the ‘backspace’ button is exactly where it should be.

So, it surprised me when I read about a hardware company trying to come up with an even more personal keyboard. We have had doubts because ADzero did not go really far (not yet, anyway) with a smartphone made out of bamboo but Orée announced that they are coming up with a pop-up store in Tokyo selling bamboo keyboards for Apple products.

The company is a startup with big dreams and even bigger ideas although the Orée Board is going to be the first product that they are selling and marketing, there is further intention to introduce many other projects that are already in the pipeline. The Orée board is hitting the market with a €150 price tag. Pricey for a keyboard because we are talking about a nearly-$200 to fork out for a more ‘personal’ keyboard. But let’s take a look at the reasoning behind the product before making a decision.

The Orée board is cut out of precious single block of walnut or maple wood and as we all know, these are hardy and very user-friendly wood that seems popular amongst homeowners and interior designers. According to the reports coming in, the Orée board is completely customizable to the users’ liking and that is why the company intends to first promote the product in a public setting, face-to-face.

Orée company’s Yasunobu Takata mentioned that they DO sell the Orée boards in online platforms too but my guess is that they are mainly a hardware designer and producer and not marketers. Otherwise, they are capitalizing on how well they can ‘personalizing’ the Orée boards so they need people to actually touch, test out, and decide on the personalized design for the board.

They are quick to praise Apple for their great keyboard designs and added that whilst Apple keyboards are ‘cool’, they are lacking in ‘warmth’. Takata refers to his own personal Orée board and said that the keyboard had grown with him. It got darker where he used most without looking dirty, and this is the selling point that Orée board company is using to sell the keyboards.

What is YOUR take on this – would you pay $200 for a personalized keyboard?

Image credit: Orée Design

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