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Ooh, The Mystery!


One of things that makes QR Code so good is that they give advertisers and marketing experts the chance to exploit their campaign by maintaining secrecy. Confused? Don’t worry, explanation ahead.

You see, it is human nature to be curious, hence, a good way to get people to prod deeper into something is to tell them that confidentiality is high priority.

ArtPrize recently launched their ‘experiment campaign‘ which involves the use of a QR Code. It is said that the QR Codes resolves to a secret Facebook page which contains information and highly confidential information not available to the press and public.

What a clever way to market themselves, we say.

The organizers retain the right to prevent anyone or any organization from joining or ‘liking’ the page which heightens the level of curiosity amongst tech-savvy folks. When the QR Code is scanned, mobile phone users will be led to an application page, when approved, users are invited to join a hidden ArtPrize page.

The company’s director said that this was an experiment and they are keen to probe new ways of reaching out to people and interacting with them in real time. The event that they are promoting is related to technology, hence, they figured that the best way to reach out to tech-savvy people is to go hi-tech.

But why such secrecy when they intend to reach out to their fans and consumers? Well, we contend that it is part of the gimmick. The secrecy and warning of being booted out of the page or not being eligible makes it all the more enticing. Accordingly, ArtPrize is pouring in some serious cash into this campaign and are going to offer up to nearly half a million in prize money.

All users need to do is to pick their favorite works of art and vote for them.

Would people be confused with such hi-tech stuff? We are sure some (even the ones with iPhones and Blacberry) will be feel a little lightheaded in the beginning but that is also the reason why the organizers have volunteers and assistants to help the willing but dazed.

If you are attending the event, please do let us know how it went and also share with us your experience.

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