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On Sandwiches And Pumpkins


I found this picture of a QR Code printed on a transparent sandwich box highly entertaining. So amusing was it that I went on a search for unique ways to print QR Code on products…well, any object, actually. I am actually wondering what would happen if I scanned the QR Code with my iPhone….unfortunately, I can’t.

Products like this actually draw attention to itself quite naturally. Well, at least attracts those who are into QR Codes. For others who are not in the loop, well….the design is funky, anyway.

It’s slowly becoming a well-accepted norm for people to print QR Codes on stuff like t-shirts, mugs, plates, shorts….and get this, their undergarments. The fact that there are many vanity press options available at this point in time helps. Two of the most popular of such sites are www.cafepress.com and www.zazzle.com. How we use these sites depends very much on what we want to do with the final product. Some designers come up with unique designs of their own, post it on these sites and put them up for sale. If they’re really cute, catchy, cool or carry a unique message, people will purchase the products and the designer of the products earn a small commission from that sale.

The designer gets to decide how much he/she wants to earn from the design, so, the cut for the cafepress or zazzle is set. If the designer wants to earn more from the design, they can set the price to be higher. Anyway, this is not an article about cafepress or zazzle. Instead, it’s something I want people to explore. Printing and ordering your stuff on these self-publishing sites isn’t cheap if you make a comparison with traditional printing but maybe you’d like to explore ways to promote yourself on a small scale.

Hey, while hunting around for unique QR Code pictures, guess what else I found? Here it is….go and have a laugh!

QR Code on Halloween Pumpkin….talk about unique, huh? Granted, it might not work on a real phone but it shows what goes on in a creative mind!

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