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Ohio Police Department Uses QR Codes


If you think that QR codes are only for marketers, advertisers and educators, then you better think again. It seems that everyone has a perfect use for QR codes in their lives, and that included the government and public offices.

A police department in Ohio is adapting QR codes to help citizens get traffic crash reports and other readily available information.

Warren County’s Monroe Police Department is not new to technology. They have their own Web site where they post a lot of information that people can use. The thing is, not too many people know that these are online and that they can access it any time they want.

So the Monroe Police Department thought of ways to inform people about the information they have available online. First, the created a mobile app containing everything that is important on their Web site. Then they put up QR codes on the sides of police cars.

One scan and it will take you to the mobile app.

Lt. Brian Curlis gives an example: crash reports. Most people want to get copies of crash reports for their own purposes. What they do not know is that it is readily available online and they can just download it from their Web site and now their mobile app. They do not have to go to the station to request a copy. This would help save their time, and the police officers’ time too!

Curlis also says that the QR codes are also their way to get tips from citizens. By scanning the QR codes found on the sides of the cruisers, people can easily report a crime or give the police some information about wanted criminals.

Curlis says that they are the first in southwest Ohio to use QR codes in this manner. They might have taken cues from other police departments.

Boston PD also put up QR codes so that people could easily connect with them, from their Facebook page to their Web site to learn more about crime prevention, download bicycle registration forms and other information.

The Boca Raton Police Department, on the other hand, used QR codes to remind people to keep their vehicles locked as well as other safety reminders.

The Portsmouth Police Department put up several QR codes at several places to give out more information to the people.

In Canada, the Vancouver Police Department has also used QR code, this time in an effort to apprehend a sex offender.

While police officials in Gatineau, Quebec also used QR codes to enable citizens to help in capturing the killer of Valerie Leblanc.

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