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Of Stamps And QR Codes On Car Seats


There are two great news today.

The first one being that Croatia came up new stamps with QR Codes on them. Sure, I know it is not the first time you are hearing this because Spain did it and so did France but the Croatian postal service went a step further to mark the 20th anniversary of their postal service. 

How different are they? Well, when the mobile user scans the QR Code, they will be taken to a special mobile-friendly site. Below the QR Code on the stamp, there is a simple code. Enter the simple code into the mobile website that you have just scanned with a good QR Code reader, and those who sent the mail can see the mileage, where the package or letter is and when they have reached their intended destinations. Pretty unique way for package tracking, I would have to say and you have got to love the novelty of the idea. 

However, one question pops into the mind. Since the stamps are not going to be with the sender after the send it off, how are they going to get the chance to scan the stamps when they get home or somewhere down the road…say, a week later? I am unsure about how effective it is, although I love the idea. Perhaps the mobile phone user can scan it BEFORE handing it over and then bookmark the link on the cell phone.  

Onto another news, it appears that Spanish baby seat provider called Jane has revealed that from next year onwards, they are going to produce the baby seats with QR Codes printed onto the seats. The QR Code leads parents to a special website which tells them more about the car seat and also a tutorial in order to give parents the peace of mind of knowing that they have the baby seats properly fitted in and also the extra information is always good for the curious consumers. 

If you are a parent, you will understand the anxiety and worry that parents have to go through whenever they have to fit the car seats into the car before placing their babies or toddlers into it. The video tutorial will save the parents the struggle and anxiety. Sure, you can get the staff at the mall or where you are buying the car seat from to SHOW you how to fit the baby seat in but it is a fact that not all of them know precisely how to do it well and properly. 

Loved the online interactive car seat advice idea too. 


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