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Of QR Code Cookies and Qrickit


This is not the first time you have heard of edible QR codes. We have certainly written about it before.

An online bakery in Massachusetts, however, is not only using edible quick response codes on its cakes and sugar cookies, but they make these codes personalized, it’s called QR code cookies. These codes, when scanned, will take you to any online content or any URL address you would like.

1-800-Bakery.com prints QR codes on their special treats using edible, FDA-approved ink.

To launch its new, personalized line of baked goodies late last year, 1-800-Bakery baked some 2,000 QR code cookies and distributed them at the Rackspace booth at the Cloud Expo in Santa Clara, CA. The cookies became quite popular at the Cloud Expo that the bakery was invited by Incisive Media to make them for the SES Conference in Chicago two weeks later.

According to Incisive Media’s Amy Xu, attendees at the SES Conference loved the QR code cookies and the concept behind it. These cookies, she said, got a 40% scan rate.

Qrickit Advocates Increased QR Code Scanning Rates

Canadian marketing and management firm Qrickit has seen how companies that use QR codes in their marketing campaigns have struggled with low scan rates. So to solve this, the firm came up with a way to encourage more and more people to scan QR codes.

Qrickit has decided to incentivize the scanning of QR codes by paying people. The company designed a QR code system and a scanning app that will allow consumers to collect points for each scan. Over time, the points accumulate or add up and can make consumers win actual money. Qrickit has so far awarded more than $100,000 for this and actually plans to increase its payouts in the coming months.

Qrickit believes that most consumers will respond better or more positively to QR code campaigns if they are promised real money.

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