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Of Condoms And Happy Meals


The QR Code world is simply rolling around on the floor laughing at the creativeness and ingenuity displayed by some marketing folks. Apparently, as you may have read in this blog, news that was written by another one of our colleagues, about how you can now ‘check in’ on Foursquare every time you hit the bedsheets with someone using protection. Who cares about relevancy these days, we are into creativity and creating a buzz with QR Codes aren’t we?

So, here we have a batch of QR encoded condom wrappers which people can scan with their smart phones and it is a hype on the internet. I bet people are simply dying to find out just so that they can check in and boast about it on their online social networking accounts. The marketing gimmick was panned out by Planned Parenthood by the way and I must say it is a fab one. If you want to find out more information about it, head over to www.wheredidyouwearit.com. There is a map there and it is really quite interesting.

Basically, the plan is to educate people about safe sex and according to reports, more than fifty five thousand condoms were already distributed throughout many colleges and universities in the state of Washington during National Condom Week. As you can see from the map, despite the fact that the condoms were handed out in the specific state only, the map shows us that the condoms made it all the way to the other side of the country. These are real LIVE check ins from smart phones so there is the real thing.

I guess the tagline or statement made by Planned Parenthood says it all – Sex happens. They are not encouraging people to have or not have sex. They are just encouraging people to be safer when it happens.

On another note, here is some news from the country that QR Code came from, Japan Apparently, fast food is not fast enough for the Japanese people because they just made ordering fast food mobile. Using the car’s navigation system (perhaps this involves the GPRS app) and smart phones (for online payment and ordering), people can get McDonalds to send it to their exact location almost instantly. So, not only is fast food fast these days but they are mobile…well, more mobile than it used to be, at least.

So, let’s say you are having a picnic in the park and all of a sudden, a Happy Meal craving hits you. Whip out your phone and there you have it. A Happy Meal in your lap in a matter of minutes.

I must say this beats staying at home waiting for the meal and driving to the drive-through. Technology. You’ve got to love it.

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