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NYC Sells Property With QR Code


Never underestimate the power of technology – especially one that is versatile as the QR Code system. In Japan, people make use of the affordable QR Code technology to promote everything from real estate to cookies. The fishes that they sell in Japan have their own QR Code too and the QR Code tell consumers where the fish came from and other important decision-affecting nutritional information.

Hence, since the QR Code bug is quickly spreading out to the rest of the world, including the United States, a New York City broker thought, ‘why not use the technology to promote her own broker services too?’ Indeed. Why not?

QR Code is a 2D barcode system that has been in use for slightly more than a decade in Japan. It acts as a link to online information and can contain much more information compared to the current barcode system that we are using today. The difference with the current system and the QR code system is that you don’t need a specific (and expensive) device to read the barcodes. All we need is our smart phone or android phone. Download a QR Code reader and the camera phone automatically morphs into a scanner.

The said New York City broker saw the advantages of making use of the system and started creating a QR Code of her own that led people to her website. Smart phone and android phone owners with a QR Code reader, when they see the barcode, can scan the code and they will be instantly led to the broker’s website.

Where does this broker intend to place the barcodes? According to reports, Toni Haber has plans to extensively market her services by placing the barcode on t-shirts and other promotional materials. And if we are not mistaken, she plans to print the barcode on her advertisements, signboards and property too.

Many in the real estate industry acknowledges the usefulness of QR Code. With every property listing comes a barcode. If the potential buyer is interested in finding out more information about the property can scan the QR Code to view videos and images before calling the broker up. This saves time and money on the purchaser and broker’s side. It’s clearly a win-win situation.

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