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NY Invaded By QR Codes “New York City & QR Codes”


They said that it was only a matter of time when QR Codes become a norm but taking a look at the Manhattan skyline right now, you’d think we are turning NY into the next Japan. A year ago, if anyone told you that QR Codes are going to invade America, the idea might seem preposterous but now…things are a little different.

QR Code technology is a spin-off from the conventional barcode system that we are using today. However, a simple-looking QR Code can store much more information, compared to a 2D barcode system and it is currently popularly used as a form of link to the online world. What this means to smart phone users is that the camera on a smart phone (together with a QR Code reader) can be used to access online information – the same way we use a mouse to click on a link that we wish to visit.

With augmented reality and geolocation’s surging popularity, QR Codes is considered to be one of the best tools to be used together with social media networking.

During Internet Week 2010 which was held in Manhattan, over the 7 day period, countless people pointed their camera phones at QR Codes. Tourists and visitors got instant information about buildings around Times Square via QR Codes.

In Japan, many buildings have their own QR Code. You can find out more information about the building for realty or personal purposes. You can find QR Codes on the fish being sold in the supermarket and a television set in an electrical outlet. There is a surprisingly large number of NY companies that decided that they wanted a QR Code on their posters, billboards and printed materials – which is as surprising as it is interesting.

Considering the fact that Foursquares is quickly gaining momentum, they had to do their thing too. On Times Square, they have a huge digital billboard promoting the fact that you can use Foursquares to ‘unlock your city’. Sounds like a pretty neat ad campaign. Which is funny that there was no QR Code located on the billboard. We are sure that their next billboard will contain one.

Not to be outdone, many other mega brand names started their very own billboard war against each other, turning Times Square into a billboard war zone, in a way.

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