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Not A Grummy Way To Promote New Music


The music industry has been going through tremendous change over the past couple of years. Not only did musicians had to deal with the continuing onslaught of internet and copyright issues, they were introduced to a new technology called the QR Codes which enabled mobile viewing, listening and sharing of media files and links.

Initially, experts within the industry scorned and probably had nightmares about the increasing use of the internet and QR Codes; but now, it’s a whole different ball game for them. Even the celebrities knew how to turn heads with the internet. Recently, Miley Cyrus and her dad both created a bit of a ruckus over the internet with their Twitter accounts. Most would agree that it was clever ploy to bring attention to themselves. The same goes for those in the music industry…the more visible you are to those who are in the ‘know’, the better you will fare when your albums are launched.

If you can’t remove what you hate, you’ve got to get down on it and make it work in your favor.

If you walked past the Oxford Circus underground station on your way to and from work or college often, you would have noticed a surreptitiously placed QR Code on a window. The QR Code drew curious stares and some attempted to scan it with their mobile phones without knowing that they needed a QR Code reader to decode it.

You see, this is QR Code will lead to Grum’s website at www.grum.tv/runaway.html which is an advertisement of the MP3 version of the song by Grum called Runaway. Who would have thought of a band promoting the use and download an ‘MP3′ as opposed to getting everyone to purchase the album instead, huh? Well, like we said, the world’s changed.

The page that the link above leads to is a simple white-against-black page with two links. One link to the Grum’s music download library and the other to their MySpace page where fans of their music can find and download more music. We thought it was neat that they led interested purchasers to their YouTube music video too. This way, it helped music lovers decide whether they wanted to download the music or not. Every little bit of information helps the end-user.

So, for most this QR Code would have appeared to be a random act of teenage mischief, to music lovers, this is another step into a world of mobile online marketing that we have been anticipating.

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