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Norwegian Bus Company Helps Passengers Find Bus Schedule And Kill Time


If you thought that QR Codes found on Japanese and Korean bus stops were smart, wait till you hear about what the Norwegians did with theirs. Basically, it works the same way, telling you real-time information about where the bus you’re waiting for is and how long the wait is going to be. Passengers can scan a QR Code and the information and schedule is revealed to them on their iPhone or Smart Phone. Yes, you’ll also need to download a QR Code reader if your phone does not come with them pre-installed.

Anyway, back to what the Norwegians did with their bus stop QR Code signages. The bus company that we are talking about is the bus company called Kolumbus and according to some sources, they have been working hard placing the QR Code signs all over the country for about a year now and the number of bus stops with QR Codes on them is four-thousand-and-five-hundred.

What is even more interesting about Kolumbus’ effort is they also implemented the code with the Tales of Things application for iPhones. At this point, the application is not available for other smart phones, including Android and Blackberry models.

In a way, the application is a little like Twitter…only better because passengers share memories, stories and messages through the application. How does this work with the QR Code?

Well, let’s assume that you’re waiting for your bus and you’ve scanned the code. With nothing left to do but to wait (instead of texting or calling your friend up), you can log onto the iPhone app with the QR Code and start sharing with others what you see and hear while you’re waiting. Have nothing to say about the bus stop experience? Not a problem…read other people’s memories instead!

What a way to kill time…reading about other people’s experiences while waiting at the same bus stop.

One up for QR Codes and mobile applications!

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