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Northeast Elementary School Puts Book Reviews Behind QR Codes


Students in Northeast Elementary School now have technology on their sides when they want recommendations about the next book to read.

What the school did was to have their fifth graders write a book review for the books they have in their library. These book reviews were recorded.

The library then placed the audio reviews behind a QR code and put these QR codes up in the library. Anybody with a smartphone or tablet will be able to scan these QR codes and listen to the review. The school also has tablets available for the purpose.

Currently, more than 70 titles have the audio reviews.

The school’s media technology specialist, Kelly Melson, explains that the project is a great way to incorporate new technology with old projects.

We have seen QR codes in the library before. For example, the University of Texas Arlington Library has been using QR codes for their catalogues and book reservation system. Students can look up books using their smartphones and even reserve a group study room conveniently.

But there are other ways in which QR codes may be used in libraries.

1. Link books to multimedia content such as music clips, videos and even Wikipedia entries to make the books’ content more interesting.

2. If you have digitized versions of periodicals, books and magazines, you can put the QR codes on the print versions so that students can easily access the digital version.

3. You can create audio tours to orient new students about the different places, sections and rules of the library.

4. QR codes could also help library users easily take note of a book’s call number and other information. This way they do not have to bring pen and paper anymore.

5. DVD, VCD and other video collections in the library could have a QR code. When scanned, the user is shown a short trailer about the movie or film.

Can you suggest some other ways to put up QR codes for use in the library?

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