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No NFC? And Other Disappointments with the New iPhone 5S and 5C


After Apple announced the new iPhone 5S and its cheapskate sister iPhone 5C last week, the world has been abuzz.

For one, the announcement introduced the world’s first gold iPhone and an alternative for those people who have been dreaming of owning an iPhone but cannot really afford one.

However, the new iPhones did come with some disappointments. For one, it did not come with a near-field communication chip. Maybe Apple thinks that the Google Wallet and ISIS is still not good enough to support, or maybe they just want their customers to buy everything from iTunes, but Apple made the decision not to include NFC in this release.

Most of the other features are ho-hum. The most notable of the features introduced in this released is the fingerprint sensor that the new iPhones have. The fingerprint sensors are placed on the phone’s home key. It can help you unlock the phone. If Apple had included NFC into the new phones, that fingerprinting sensor could become an authentication pad and you could finally use your iPhone to buy things securely, or open your car doors without having to use keys. Underneath though, it is still the same iPhone but with a faster processor, suspicious battery life and it is obvious that not a lot of time was spent on innovations. We are not sure if Apple wanted to impress its customers or just wanted another version of the iPhone out because, you know, sales are down.

Further, even the “cheaper” iPhone 5C is still a bit more expensive that some higher end Android phones.

Still, the iPhone still commands respect from its loyal users. In the United States, the news of the new iPhones was warmly met. Halfway around the world, the Chinese are reserving their iPhones like crazy. It is reported that more than 100,000 units have already been reserved online.

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