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No More Queues At Bus Stops With QR Code


In Japan, there’s, literally speaking, QR Codes everywhere. It’s on buildings, on billboards, leaflets, pamphlets, FOOD and according to some stunned tourists, they spotted QR Codes on bus stops. We’re thinking, ‘What use would QR Codes be in bus stops when the schedule is already there and the bus numbers or whatever system it is that they’re using there?’

So, we hunted around a little about this bit of news – it’s all very interesting and exciting to see how QR Codes can help make the life of bus travelers easier in tech-savvy Japan. Here’s what we found out. With the nifty little QR Codes embedded onto the bus stop schedule signboards, people will be able to track where, exactly, is the bus at at that point in time. Each of these Japanese buses come with a GPS system installed and the system is being consistently updated by the company that runs and controls the bus.

What’s amazingly efficient about this QR Code system is that those who are waiting at the bus stop can scan the QR Code and led to a page telling them where the buses are. On that pages itself, they will tell you which bus is approaching the bus stop, where exactly are they and also whether these buses are delayed, on time or early. In fact, the Japanese will be privy to information as to by how many minutes the bus is delayed…if it is delayed and when to expect the bus to pop by.

And if that isn’t efficient enough, through that QR Code enabled page, the system will let you know, if you’re in a horrible hurry, what the alternatives are.

Through the QR Code website, you can register yourself as a member and you would get updates or mobile notifications as to which bus is arriving (the one that you intend to take and also the alternative buses) so that you can easily go grab a burger takeout if the bus is delayed by fifteen minutes…which is hardly ever.

If the rest of the world had a system like this, there would, literally, be no more long queues in cramped bus stops because all you have to do is to make sure you’re there when the bus is a couple of blocks down the road.

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