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Nintendo 3DS Makes Mii Sharing Easy With QR Codes


Nintendo 3DS recently made a big, bold move towards making the device even more fun and interactive. You need to be in on the Nintendo game train in order to understand what a Mii is.

Basically, it is an avatar or icon that you can create with the device. Miis was first introduced through Nintendo Wii. Kids, being the creative beings that they are, love to play around with the options to come up with an avatar that they can be proud of. Hence, it makes sense that if they could create a Mii on their Nintendo DS, then they should be allowed to share it, either via their wireless function or the camera on the Nintendo 3DS.

For now, when you create a cool Mii character and would like to share the Mii with a friend, you can create a QR Code for it on the Nintendo 3DS itself and then get your friend to scan the QR Code that you have created.

The Nintendo 3DS already comes with a QR Code reader so, no downloading and installing is required.

Although QR Code technology is still in its baby stage over here in the United States, it is already a big thing over in Japan and some other Asian and European countries. They are 2d barcodes (yes, similar in function to the current 2d barcode system that we are using on product packaging) that can contain a lot of information.

At this point, most people are using QR Codes to create links to online web content. Most major companies are beginning to see the amazing interactivity that QR Code technology brings. For instance, you can create a QR Code for your Facebook profile. You can put your contact information into the code. You can also board a flight, check in and out of hotels, and use it as a membership card or coupon in the QR Code.

Creating a QR Code is absolutely free of charge although you need to pay a small fee for customized QR Codes. In fact, head over to this page where there is a free QR Code generator. Once you are done, download the file and you’re ready to show it off!

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