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New Zealanders Finally On QR Code Bandwagon


When QR Codes first emerged, New Zealanders thought that they were some form of typing or printing mistakes, not bothering to learn more about them. But the truth is that some, in fact some would say many, products came with QR Codes on their packaging so, people are getting kind of curious about what those codes are. Besides that, only sixteen percent of Kiwis own smartphones because of the more laid-back lifestyle that they live.

‘If we wanted to access the internet, we have our computers and laptops and most of the time, we think that it is enough for us. And if we wanted to have a gathering or meeting, we would actually pick up the phone and call our friends or family members. Generally speaking, Kiwis are not nearly as connected on the internet and online social media like the rest of the world,’ says Amanda, a local who is more connected than many of her friends.

However, things are about to change because of more affordable smartphones in the market and thanks to the hype of online social media too because Kiwis are beginning to take notice of the QR Codes. They now know that if you scanned a QR Code, it could take you to a video or web page on the internet.

New Zealanders are basically quite divided about how receptive they are about the technology – they either think that it is the best invention ever or just a geek-worthy thing.

Some companies think that it is an unquestionable fact that QR Codes are here to stay and that there was a sudden smartphone penetration last year. This indicates that consumers are changing not just the phones that they are using, as with other parts of the world, New Zealanders are also changing the way they communicate, read, educate and buy. Suffice to say, consumer behavior will most definitely go through a huge change.

Some outlets and tourist attractions offer free Wifi for patrons – a plus point for smartphone owners who do not subscribe to a data plan. Reports indicated that New Zealanders also got curious when other Asians who visit their country can instantly recognize the code and knows what to do with them.

We trust that once the locals learn the ropes of promoting their brand, roll out marketing game plans, offer discounts and strengthen brand loyalty programs, they are going to be hooked.

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4 Responses to New Zealanders Finally On QR Code Bandwagon

  1. Ollie Langridge July 25, 2012, 9:22 pm

    What a load of tosh. Who wrote this crap? SET QR NZ are a kiwi company that are global leaders in designer QR codes – a kiwi invention. Clients include Time magazine, Louis Vuitton, Disney, Microsoft etc etc. Truth is we go right over the top of you mate and market to the world. 44% of kiwis now have smartphones (June 2012). Get your facts straight. NZ is a rapidly developing IT economy positioned first across the dateline.

    • QRStuff July 28, 2012, 10:58 pm

      Well said Ollie and Paula!

      By the way Marsha, QRStuff.com is Australian and has been a significant part of the global QR code landscape since early 2008. Over that time I’ve seen QR code use in both Australia and New Zealand grow (as it has in other countries). Small populations?Yes. Technological back-waters? No!!

  2. Paula July 25, 2012, 10:55 pm

    I would be interested in knowing who your source ‘Amanda’ is – she is not indicative of New Zealanders. This reads like lazy journalism to me.

    Smartphone penetration is at 44% and 46% access the internet everyday. http://www.iab.org.nz/resources/item/report-our-mobile-planet-new-zealand
    There has been a delay in adaptation of QR codes in NZ, but also in Australia. And this is due to several factors – expensive handsets and mobile plans for starters. Not because we are a bunch of unconnected yokels with a ‘laid-back’ lifestyle! However, things are changing rapidly in this space.

    Take Set QR NZ for example. They invented designer or branded QR codes and are global leaders in this space. http://www.setqr.co.nz/. And are doing great things locally.

  3. marsha July 26, 2012, 4:23 am

    Ollie and Paula, thank you for taking the time to comment. I am the writer of this article and would like to apologize if the article and sentiments expressed through the article has offended you. I sincerely apologize for it. The article was written based on reports and feeds given to me by Google and other blog posts. Once again, sorry if it has offended you and thank you for your support.

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