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New Yorkers Will Get Instant Info About New Construction Sites On-The-Go


“They want to know now,” Mr. Robert LiMandri of the city’s buildings commissioner said, “because, you know, New Yorkers are demanding. Right, Mr. Mayor?”

What spurred this comment? Well, it has something to do with how curious the local New Yorkers are when they see a new building up or seeing a new construction site around where they work, live or often go to. And what do they do when they see a new construction site? They go back home or back to their office, hit Google and search for information about the new construction just to see what they can expect to see there some months or year down the road.

The city’s Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, recently revealed that the city will be making use of QR Codes to bring the information to smart phone users who live and work in New York. With the QR Code, curious passerbys can snap a picture (scan the code) of the QR Code with a QR Code reader and get the information that they wish to find right there and then on their cell phones.

The city’s Department of Buildings have begun this new sojourn into technology by creating and building the Quick Response codes which is quite similar to the conventional 2d barcodes that we are using today when checking out at the grocery store, except that with QR codes, you do not need a specific device to scan it. All you need is a smart phone (iPhone, Blackbery or any other android mobile communication devices) that has a QR Code reader and a good camera on the phone.

The information that will be revealed includes details about the new project, the owner of the said property, when and how it was approved and scope of work. In fact, they went a little further. By scanning the QR Code, smart phone users will find out if there had been complaints or other negative feedback about the project.

The department built a specific mobile-friendly website for the QR Code project. It seems that the Mayor knows that New Yorkers are always on the go and they will most probably be more than happy to have the chance to communicate with the government whenever they wish to.

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