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New Useful Android Apps – Tried And Tested


There is literally thousands and thousands of apps coming up on Google Playstore everyday and I have to admit that while I am loving all the new intros, it can get a little overwhelming. These new untested entries are promising a whole lot of things but are they going to deliver? Just like iOS, there are people who are willing to the deed of testing the apps out and reviewing them for us – thank goodness for these people. Really.

Anyway, a few of the apps were highlighted by these kind folks and here are some of them for you to try out for yourself too.

Saga – This app is fun and lets you reflect on the things that you do without you having to manually do ANYTHING. It is kind of scary what you are revealing to others out there but the concept is interesting. It is like employing a silent life coach that records down your every move and then letting you see the records to see if a lifestyle change is in order. Basically, Saga is your own digital autobiography that has the ability of logging in and reporting the things you do.

We Heart it – Now, THIS is an app that I am going to be downloading and installing right after writing this article! We have our down moments and an app like this is even better than Pinterest and Instagram. From the reviews, it is safe to say that We Heart It is a combination of Instagram, Pinterest and…..any other one of your favorite ‘inspirational quote of the day’ app. This is the place to find beautiful and awe-inspiring pictures, quotes and news shared by the millions of people in the world. I can imagine going through a full force panic attack only to be calmed by a gorgeous picture of a sun rise.

WeatherSignal – This might sound like any other weather apps that are already out there but what differentiates WeatherSignal from all the other weather apps is that it is using your phone as a mobile weather station and reporting it via a cloud-based system. Surprisingly, the phone sensors is able to read local atmospheric reading. The app is ambitious, I must say, but if your phone camera can read your heart rate, it can read the weather signals, I guess. The app also helps record weather from other parts of the world from ground up instead of relying on official weather reports.

PAUL – Look out, SIRI. Watch your step, Google Now. Here comes PAUL. Well, if Google Now and SIRI has become your virtual personal assistant, then PAUL can be ‘employed’ beck-and-call butler who learns about your own preferences based on what you do with your mobile devices and then records your profile up. The program then preloads everything that you like, match it up with the stuff on the internet and deliver it as and when you want. It is all pre-loaded when you have WIFI connection which means that it won’t take up your data plan. Yup, this is going to be something I will be installing later too.

If you have tried out any other useful programs, please let us know which are the new ones that is blowing your mind.

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