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New Taco Bell Ad Features “Edible” QR Codes


Taco Bell has come out with a new ad to promote its new guacamole. The new ad features a customized QR code that is not only a delight to see, but is also actually very mouthwatering.

The new ad that is due to come out in print nationwide promotes the company’s Cantina Bell Menu. It features two QR codes made of lemons and avocado.

Taco Bell’s new QR codes take users to a mobile site that lists down the nutritional information and descriptions of each of the new menu’s items. It also features recipes from celebrity chef, as well as videos that feature Lorena Garcia, the new menu’s main chef.

The mobile site also has a restaurant locator so that you could find the nearest Taco Bell and try out their new menu. You can also easily share the content to your friends on social media sites.

If you want to see how the QR codes were made, there are videos of that at the site as well.

Taco Bell really did well with the new campaign. Not only did it use customized QR codes to help promote its new menu’s branding, it also made sure that the QR codes are eye-catching enough to get anyone’s attention. The nationwide promotion also ensures that people get to see the QR code and what to do with them because the new ads include instructions on how to scan the code.

The mobile site features great content that is relevant to the campaign, and they take advantage of the power of social media to spread the word too. We personally think that the video of the making of the QR code is one of its best attractions.

It is evident that Taco Bell really did put in a lot of planning into this initiative and we could expect it to be very successful when it is launched.

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