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New South Wales Looking to QR Codes to Help Process Fines


QR codes may have so far proven its worth when it comes to marketing, but in Australia, it may prove to be a good tool to help process fines.

New South Wales’ State Debt Recovery Office is currently looking at QR codes to help it collect fines. At the moment, the SDRO sends out notices that have a unique barcode. If the offender wants to settle the fine, he or she could do so at the nearby post office.

The QR codes could be used to replace these barcodes, or maybe it could be use to send users to an online payment site. The application that the SDRO made did not specifically state what the QR codes are going to be used for, but if they are going to use it for mobile payments, it might help residents pay for the fines without having to go to the post office.

This way, too, once they see the notices they can scan the QR code and pay right there and then, instead of forgetting about it.

The SDRO is no stranger to technology. For one, it is able to accept digital evidence. For example, a council ranger can take photographs of a violation and send this to the SDRO’s systems. These digital photographs can then become the basis of issuing a penalty notice.

NSW’s police officers are also using the SDRO’s infrastructure to issue penalties using iPad minis, instead of manually. If the plan were launched successfully, the NSW Police would be able to save more than $1.2 million every year.

It would be exciting to see just what the SDRO is going to use the QR codes for. We do hope that with the use of the QR codes, they would be able to collect more fines and in a manner that is convenient for the residents.

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