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New Skype For Android Devices


Despite owning several Android devices at home, whenever someone asked for a meeting or chat on Skype, I have always preferred to ask them to ‘Hang on, let me log in on the laptop’. Being an Android fan, this has kind of left me feeling a little sheepish and disappointed. But you know what? Skype finally listened to Android fans and introduced a speedier and more modern user interface for Ice Cream Sandwich recently!

Having just downloaded the most recent update, we are all still trying to familiarize with some of the changes and the new interface…it is nothing ground-breaking and life-changing so far but it is far smoother, this, I have to say.

Logging into Skype, things are simply easier to find, a much needed introduction because before this, we just couldn’t find everything on a tablet, the way we can on a personal computer or a laptop. The screen is much bigger, cleaner and clearer now on a tablet, I assure you so if you are asked to update your Ice Cream Sandwich on your Android device, GO AHEAD AND DO IT! It’s awesome!

Some said that the new Skype interface is a cross-breed between the traditional Skype interface and Android Holo UI.

To those who continue to use and log in from your own Microsoft account, you can do that on Skype now. At some point, I think there are going to be more Microsoft integration in the very near future, please correct me if I am wrong. We were promised that there was an intensive fixing of bugs on Skype (thank goodness!) so that there is smaller percentage of lagging and hanging of devices when using Skype on Android devices.

Here’s a video of the new Skype.

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