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New QR Code Idea: Add a Layer of Mystery to Your Marketing


QR codes are great in that you could put anything behind it. You could link a video, a Web site URL, a photo, coupons and other content behind a QR code.

But by itself, you cannot read a QR code. You would need to have a QR code scanner installed on your smartphone before you could scan one and access the information behind it.

For some, that would seem like a nuisance, but you can use this to your advantage. How about using QR codes to add a layer of mystery to your marketing campaigns?

How? Try these ideas:

1. Create a QR code puzzle. Instead of giving out the whole code, why not turn it into a jigsaw puzzle that your customers could complete? This way, you would allow them to have fun with your QR code rather than just look at it and scan it and then move on. This would also help make it easier for you to engage your customers because you already have their attention with the jigsaw QR code.

2. Create a QR code loyalty card. Instead of just having boxes with numbers indicating the number of times they have bought from your store, why not cut up a QR code into nifty stickers. You can stick one portion of the QR code every time the customer makes a purchase. Once he or she has made the required number of purchases, the QR code will be complete. When the customer scans it, he or she will be taken to a Web site where he or she can redeem a prize or get fabulous discounts or rebates.

3. Create a series of videos about your store or products. You can use a QR code at the end of the videos to direct your customers to the next video or to a special prize.

4. Create a variation of an Easter egg hunt. You can “hide” QR codes in your store and have your customers find them and scan them for special discounts.

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