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New Modification Of QR Code – Videos


When you look at the mishmash of black and whites on a QR Code, things may not look so attractive or interesting. But that is precisely why some creative geniuses have decided to incorporate really interesting things to a QR Code without distorting the information that it carries. It gives the QR Code some color, character, design without messing up the encoded information.

Logos – Incorporating a logo into a QR Code gives it not only more color but it gives the QR Code more personality. It works for advertisers when they intend to promote their brand or company via the QR Code method. For instance, a business card could be incorporated into the QR Code so that when someone is interested in scanning the business card is presented with the company logo at the same time.

Pictures – For those who want to promote themselves, their blogs or their MySpace work, Facebook profiles, or personal websites, how about incorporating a picture of yourself in the QR Code? It makes the QR Code far more interesting to look at and let’s face it, when you have a face on a QR Code, people tend to get a lot more interested in finding out more about it.

Cartoons or illustration – An example of this QR Code technique would be this. Let’s say you are a company that produces and markets insect repellant and you have created a mobile web page for the product and intends to promote it in your website, blog and you have also printed new labels with the QR Code on it to be put on your products. So, you hire a cartoonist or an vector illustrator to come up with an illustrative cartoon character that you place onto the QR Code. Now, do you think that would make people more interested in scanning the QR Code compared to when it was just….plain ole QR Code?

And things are not about to stop there. We heard that a Japanese group of companies known as Hakuhodo DY Group have teamed up with IT DeSign to develop a type of QR Code that can embed videos. Instead of looking at an empty QR Code or one with static picture, imagine what it would be like it if there was a video playing right in the middle of the QR Code?

With videos, we are predicting more curiosity from onlookers whenever they chance upon the QR Code which ultimately might increase the effectiveness of each launched QR Code campaign. Seriously, it would be kind of hard to resist scanning a code with a video right smack in the middle of it, don’t you think?

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One Response to New Modification Of QR Code – Videos

  1. jerry sellers November 2, 2010, 9:58 pm

    Don’t know the date of this post. Is it possible to embed a logo or photo, or both, in QR code? Also, can a QR code be embedded in a Wordle graphic?

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