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New Android Features That Makes It Work Like an iPhone


So much has been said about Apple copying a lot of Android ICS features into the new iOS 7.0. Not bad. Apple, it seems, is profiting from the new iOS as its latest iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C sold 9 million units during its first weekend.

However, it is actually a two-way street. Android has also been getting a lot of Apple features. Here are just two of the most recent:

1. iMessage Chat.

This mobile app promises to let Android users join in the fun that iOS device users have on iMessage.

iMessage is a messaging platform that has been closed to people who do not have an iPhone or an iPad. Until now.

However, there are reports that the app is actually not that good. For one, there are reports that it only works with other Androids. When you send a message to an iOS user, they simply do not get it.

Others raise the issue of security, saying that your information is sent to a server in China before it goes to Apple’s own servers. Users have the option to just ignore this and still send messages using the app, or they could uninstall the app and just use any of the messaging apps that are now widely available.

Old users, that is. The app has already been pulled out of the Play Store for violating its policies.

2. Remote Lock.

For years, iOS users did not have to worry about the data they have on their iPhones or iPads. If they lose their devices, they can simply erase all the data in it remotely.

Now with Android Device Manager, you can practically do the same thing. If you lose your phone, you can just set a new password to lock your device so that people would not be able to access it anymore.

On top of that, you can see the location of a lost Android device as well as have it ring. You could also do a factory reset remotely, effectively deleting all your data on the lost device.

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