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Netherlands Launch QR Code Nutritional Campaign On Large Scale


The Dutch are catching on quick – the government has recently launched a worldwide nutrition awareness campaign and it’s supposed to be on a HUGE scale. But that’s not what’s great about it. What’s great is that the government has decided to include a QR Code marketing campaign for it.

Sprxmobile says in their website that they are passionate about strategizing marketing campaigns using mobile services and this is true to point. What they do is to make mobile phone absolutely magical and effective at the same time. Essentially, they are a strategic creative consultancy (advertising) company that supplies its customers with mobile marketing campaigns, promotions, concepts and additional advertising-related services.

Coming back to the QR Code news that we’ve just heard, the QR Code nutrition campaign is funded by the Nutrition Center of Netherlands. The main mission of the campaign is to provide people with independent information about living and eating healthily. In their words, it’s to provide healthy and quality food information to the people of Netherlands. Sprxmobile, for this campaign, will be placing QR Codes on more than one-thousand-and-five-hundred billboards all over the country. When mobile phone users scan the QR Code with the phones, they will be led to a mobile site that they can access right there on the handset.

In the micro mobile site, accessible using the QR Code, contains numerous articles and information about living healthily and eating quality food. But it’s not all that boring in there. The website will also contain quizzes where people can actually test their own knowledge…about how much they know about good eating habits.

If you are asking yourself how reliable the information that can be found in the QR Code mini mobile site is, you’re not alone. But one look at their website tells us that their mission is to provide independent but scientifically-proven or scientifically-reliable information to consumers about what they’re putting into their stomachs.

It seems as though the Netherlands is catching on quite fast with the fad and realizes how important mobile phone has become to everyday people like you and me.

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